Jaume Duch i Guillot, Director General de Comunicación del Parlamento Europeo, continuará también como Portavoz de la institución

Published: 02 February 2017

Jaume Duch, i Guillot,  (Barcelona, 4 de febrero de 1962), es Licenciado en Derecho y ejerció como profesor de Derecho Internacional Público en la Universidad de Barcelona (1986-1990). Funcionario de la Unión Europea desde 1990, ha desempeñado siempre labores relacionadas con la información parlamentaria, entre ellas portavoz y consejero del Presidente José María Gil-Robles entre 1997 y 1999 y responsable de información parlamentaria de las Convenciones que redactaron la Carta de Derechos Fundamentales de la UE y el proyecto de Constitución Europea.

Es autor de diversas publicaciones, artículos y comunicaciones sobre cuestiones relativas a las instituciones de la Unión Europea y al derecho comunitario.

Desde julio de 2006 Jaume Duch era Director de Medios de comunicación y Portavoz del Parlamento Europeo.


Tax evasion: MEPs back automatic exchange of bank data to track account owners

Published: 23 November 2016

In the wake of several tax evasion scandals, including the “Panama Papers” revelations, Parliament has backed Council’s position, and given the go ahead, by 590 votes to 32, with 64 abstentions, for tax authorities across Europe to automatically share information about bank account holders.

The new rules will enable and oblige tax authorities with anti-money laundering responsibilities in any EU country to automatically share information such as bank account balances, interest income and dividends, with their counterparts in other member states.



Defence: MEPs push for more EU cooperation to better protect Europe

Published: 23 November 2016

Terrorism, hybrid threats and cyber- and energy insecurity leave EU countries no choice but to step up their security and defence cooperation efforts, thus paving the way to a European Defence Union, say MEPs in a resolution passed on Tuesday. They suggest devoting 2% of GDP to defence, establishing multinational forces and EU headquarters to plan and command crisis management operations, and enabling the EU to act where NATO is unwilling to do so.

“Our Union is not equipped to face overwhelming defence challenges. For almost 30 years, most of its member states have been cutting their defence budgets, leading to smaller armed forces. Cooperation among member states is occasional and Europe continues to rely heavily on NATO capabilities and on the US solidarity“, said rapporteur Urmas Paet (ALDE, ET), in the debate on Monday. He stressed that “the momentum to move towards a working European Defence Policy has come.”



Debate on Brexit and its consequences

Published: 29 June 2016

Opening the extraordinary session, European Parliament President Martin Schulz noted that this was the first time that a plenary session had been convened at such short notice, but also that the UK citizens’ decision to leave the EU was equally unprecedented. He warmly welcomed Lord Hill and thanked him for his work in the EU Commission and deciding to step down, having campaigned for Britain to remain in the EU. His statement was followed by standing ovations from both MEPs and Commissioners.

"It will be in the interest of us all to ensure that a future relationship will be constructive and mutually beneficial.  No-one will benefit from a prolonged period of political limbo", said Dutch minister Jeanine HENNIS-PLASSCHAERT, representing the EU’s rotating presidency. "At the same time, we should allow the UK the time it needs to recuperate and take the necessary decisions. Now, a part of Europe's challenge is to convince citizens that unity remains the best choice. The fact that fragmentation is no longer unthinkable, should gravely concern us all", she added.



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