Denis Mukwege: winner of Sakharov Prize 2014

Published: 22 October 2014

Denis Mukwege is the laureate of the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought 2014, following today's decision by EP President Martin Schulz and the political group leaders. Mukwege will be invited to Strasbourg on 26 November to receive the award during the plenary session.

Announcing Mukwege as the 2014 laureate, President Schulz said: "The Conference of Presidents decided unanimously to award Dr Denis Mukwege from Democratic Republic of Congo the Sakharov Prize for his fight for protection especially of women.However, the political groups recognise the important role played by EuroMaidan in Ukraine and thus want to invite its representatives to join the award ceremony in November," adding that it was also decided to send a delegation with representatives from all political groups to Azerbaijan to meet and support Leyla Yunus in her fight for democracy and freedom in her country.


European Year of Citizens 2013

Published: 06 October 2013

The European Year of Citizens 2013 is dedicated to the rights that come with EU citizenship. Over this year, we will encourage dialogue between all levels of government, civil society and business at events and conferences around Europe to discuss those EU rights and build a vision of how the EU should be in 2020.



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